What is like to be a lifeguard 

Lifeguards are necessary for every water event at a dam, lake, river, or swimming pool. Without them, events cannot go ahead.

Lifeguards start patrolling at the age of 14. They do this voluntarily and rely on the generosity of the public to help them keep water users safe.  These children, teenagers and young adults patrol with a passion for serving their community. No matter how big or small you are, they are trained to bring you safely to shore should you need assistance. Their time is spent out on the water on a rescue board, or if they have qualified as a lifesaving skipper or a crewman, on a boat.

Not only are our lifeguards skilled in rescuing, but they are exceptional swimmers who maintain their fitness and strength to ensure that rescues are quick and efficient. From the age of 14 lifeguards are taught emergency care and are able to assess emergency situations and perform critical first aid functions until paramedics arrive.

Linden Lifesaving club provides the following services:

We provide Stillwater and Open Water Lifeguard training for Nippers (8 to 13yrs), Junior Lifeguard Award, Lifeguard Award, IRB Skipper and Crewman Awards. Some members work towards obtaining Instructor and Examiner qualifications. We accommodate those people wishing to use the Lifeguard Award to seek employment by including them as private candidates at a premium cost in courses run by the club.

We patrol at water-related events e.g. rowing regattas, triathlons, galas, water polo events, open water swimming events, adventure races, mountain bike races…in fact, anything that involves water! Please contact us on info@lindenlifesaving.co.za for quotes on your event.


Our coaches prepare our competitive members for competing in local, national and international events. The club sends a team to the annual National Championships held at the end of the competitive season. Nationals Championships are held in various cities around the country and World Champs are held in various locations internationally.

What kind of services does Linden provide as a Lifesaving Club?

Donations or Pledges – what is typically needed?

Resources such as boats, rescue boards, medical supplies, rescue torpedo buoys and training equipment are under constant strain due to use at patrols and training throughout the year. Our lifeguards often have to spend a great deal of time trying to maintain old equipment to keep it going.


On patrol necessities such as gazebos, transport to patrols and food and water use up club funds.

Even though they lack the resources, Linden’s Lifesavers do not let this get in the way of ensuring people’s safety. We need your help, to save the lives of others. Please pledge or donate funds or items, so that we can continue to provide Lifesaving services.

A community that cares

All our Lifesavers are community orientated and spend a great deal of their leisure time teaching younger children the joys of being a lifeguard. They all go the extra mile for each other and for the public. The Lifesaving community cares for each other, have fun together and train each other.

For Linden Lifesaving Club, it is a way of life.