Once a member has completed the JLA or LA and has an Open Water Qualification s/he is fully qualified to patrol. 

Lifesaving Jozi is asked to supply patrollers to most major open water swims, regattas and canoe races. 

As a club Linden assists at these patrols as often as possible to accumulate hours. To qualify for competitions, an individual requires a preset number of patrol hours, of which 75% must be in open water. 

Patrollers are recognized for exceptional service with special jackets and badges. Thus any patroller accumulating more than 50 hours, or more than 100 hours, will be awarded a specially embroidered jacket. A scroll is added to the jacket should the same patroller again accumulate more that 50 hours or 100 hours in the following season. Any patroller accumulating more than 50 hours for 5 consecutive years is awarded a Gauteng Patrol Service blazer. A 10yr jacket has been added to the patrol awards. 

One of the more popular patrols done is the Sun City Swim in October.